Saturday, 10 December 2011

a night not to be forgotten part 1

hi guys, this is my 1st piece so it wont be good. I'll be doing mostly Valduggery and other couples like Ghanith. this is a night not to be forgotten part 1. Also when they go and knock for the giels, Skul has his Facade on.    

            The weather was awful! The crew was hanging around Skulduggery's house, and they were complete and utterly bored out of their minds.

"I'm so bored!" Fletcher moaned. It was the first time when Valkyrie has seen Fletcher fed up of looking at his hair in the mirror.

"well, there is a disco at the sanctuary tonight, you're all welcome to come if you want" Erskine said, hoping to get the weather off their minds.

"Well," said Skulduggery," there is nothing better to do."

"Ok, then, I'll come to get you in a limo in 2 hours then."And with that, Erskine made an exit.

The Girls squeaked and run out of the door to get to Valkyries house.

Fletcher then said,"Well, Girls will always be girls, I guess."
2 hours later, the limo pulled up at Vals house. The boys knocked for the girls. then girls then came out, looking all dolled up.

"wow." was all the boys could manage.

Tanith was wearings a crop top and hotpants with canvas shoes. China was wearing a semi see through top with skinny jeans and wearing 3 and a half inch heel boot. Valkyrie looked the most stunning ( to Skulduggery). She was wearing a long, black, leather catsuit with red high heels on.

Skulduggery cleared his throat. "Your limo awaits ladies" The girls just giggled.